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How It Got Started

In today’s internet space we find thousands of blogs and websites on investing and accounting. On the other hand we find legal forums and pages that deal with specific branches of law like Arbitration; Intellectual property etc. However the nexus between the stock market and corporate law seems to be continually discounted. Legally Bullish aims to be a small part of the movement that is trying to bring the legalities and intricacies of capital markets and securities to the forefront. Our initiative shares articles written by our admins and expert guest collaborators to keep it’s readers in the loop about all financial and legal developments. Interviews with experts stretching over a wide range of topics from investment tips to interpretation of new legislation are routinely organized too. At the end of the day we see ourselves as a resource platform that functions on the basis of collaboration. We encourage students and professionals both to join us as contributors and be a part of our initiatives. Thank you for supporting us and playing your part in the dialogue between law and finance.